Lay down your swords, lay down your pistols

I’ll hit your heart from any distance

You fall like a guillotine, and kneel before the queen

You fall like a guillotine, and I will rise

i-youarenotalonedoctor: "Don’t look at me like that."

"You didn’t have to kill him!"

i-youarenotalonedoctor: "Anything you want to say?"

❝Fuck off. ❞


Rosie hardly understood what was happening. One day, the villagers came to her to be healed; the next, one act of evil witchcraft had caused her to be thrown into a place of suspicion and shunning. And after a while, it transformed into something horribly violent. She was dragged from her house towards the river, people shouting they should never have let a witch settle in their village, and that they’d do to her what their ancestors did to the witches they found: they’d drown her.

Terrified, she found herself forced to her knees at the bank of the river. Was this going to be her last few moments breathing? Someone twisted their hand into her hair and she grimaced at the pulling sensation—she’d have a lot more to worry about in a second, though. “Wait, please, I haven’t done anything! I haven’t——”

Her head was forced under the water, hands held firmly behind her back. She thrashed and kicked but it was no use, she wasn’t going to break free of their hold. Even if she did, where was she going to go? She was desperately outnumbered, and she no longer had any friends among these villagers.

Gretel had of course heard about witch craft in the village. That’s why she had come out here in the first place. The mayor had hired her as usual to kill whoever the bitch was, and Gretel had gladly accepted. But she wasn’t an idiot. She would still want proof. She didn’t kill blindly.

It was luck that she had seen Rosie with the villagers. She was still making her way towards the town when she saw them. Her eyes narrowed as she took in the scene before her, watching the villagers attempt to drown the girl who was clearly innocent. Gretel let out nearly a sigh before she rushed in, holding a gun to one of the villagers heads while using her other hand to roughly pull Rosie’s head above water. 

Not dropping her gun, she nearly growled “Let the girl go before I blow your brains out.” to the other villagers who were still holding a loose grip on the girl, even though they were now wide eyed.

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List of AU’s I really want to do


Note: Some of these I’ve done before but it’s been so long, I want to do them again

-AU in which Muriel died long before Gretel was born, and therefor her parents were never killed and she was never taken by the candy witch. Instead Gretel is a bubbly, naive, stupidly brave girl. (read more here)
-AU in which Gretel is a celebrity and only plays badasses in movies.
-Shield Agent AU (with Gretel as a shield agent of course)
- London!Verse AU in which when Gretel comes to 2014, she finds out she’s a doppleganger

-and of course, a Downton Abbey AU (if I can ever figure out how the fuck Gretel would fit in)

Seriously if anybody wants to do any of these with me, I’ll love you forever



I think I screamed out of happiness


We need to do a thread

Yes we do! :D


So gretelthewitchhunter, I totally stalk your blog and I squeaked when you followed me. 

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I think I screamed out of happiness



Relatable posts daily?

The Estate || Downton Abbey AU

The Lady was fidgeting as she waited for The Daniel Robinson to arrive. Truth be told, she wasn’t particularly looking forward to his arrival. She hadn’t seen him in years, and the last time she had, Hansel and her parents had still been alive. It was fair to say she had changed since then, grown up in more ways that one. 

She fidgeted again, rolling her weight onto the outside of her foot which earned her a “Stop fidgeting.” from Nadja- her mother figure for all intensive purposes. She had been a family friend of her mothers, and then taken over when they had died. Gretel let out a sigh, forcing herself to stand still, and then finally she saw a carriage approaching.

And I watched
                                         As they paid the price
                                                                                        For my weakness
And I swore
                                         That I’ll      N E V E R
                                                                                        Be weak again

Star Crossed Lovers || gretelthewitchhunter


Danielle had stayed rigid at her post. She could do night shifts— easy, no problem— but they did make her a little jumpy.

Which is probably why she nearly had a heart attack when Gretel started screaming.

She was quick: first she drew her sword as she spun round. Upon seeing no attacker, she put it back in its place and sped over.To hell with formality, she would have to wake her up roughly. After all, if she was screaming for Hansel, it could only mean one thing:

She was dreaming about that damned witch.

"GRETEL!" She shouted, shaking her in an attempt to wake her. Failing that, she put her arms around her. "IT’S ME, DANIELLE. GRETEL PLEASE YOU’RE FIND! WAKE UP!"

There was a few more seconds of the girl screaming in her sleep before her eyes snapped open. She panicked for a second, not quite knowing where she was at first, and flailing until she realized it was Danielle holding her. She gripped onto the knight as if she was her lifeline, looking for some safety, for some solace, the kind she usually only felt with Hansel. Her breathing was rapid, tears were building up behind her eyes, and she was shaking in Danielle’s arm. 

"I-I’m sorry." the princess said weakly, forcing herself to let go of Danielle even though she didn’t want to, even though she was still trembling, even though her voice was shaking, even though she was close to crying, and she felt nearly as scared she had felt that night, even though she wanted Danielle to give her the comfort she didn’t think she deserved because she shouldn’t be burdened with her feelings.

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